How To Decorate a Christmas Wreath With Lights to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

by Scott Young

lights around a garlandChristmas wreaths are rich in history, symbolism and tradition. They also provide symmetry to the decorations you place on your door. Add lights to the design, and you achieve an elegant glow that can instantly transform your home during the holidays. Due to this aesthetic value, homeowners wonder how to decorate a Christmas wreath with lights.


Wreaths add a touch of green to your decor and can serve as highlights for specific focal points in your home’s decor. Aside from the front door, you can place them on the fireplace mantle, in the kitchen and in the living room. Learn how to wrap a wreath with lights in this guide and make this year’s holiday decor your best yet.


Lighting Options for Your Christmas Wreaths


Before you figure out how to decorate a Christmas wreath with lights, you must determine the type of lighting you’ll use. The good news is that there are plenty of holiday lighting options, including mini light strings, standard LED Christmas lights and rope lights. Also, note that some lights are best suited for indoor use, while others are insulated and can be used outdoors.

 Here are a few examples:

  • Waterproof Quick Connect Coaxial Mini Lights: These waterproof lights are commercial grade and work well for outdoor lighting. Besides being water-resistant, they’re shatterproof and can withstand various weather conditions, such as rain and snow.
  • LED Mini Lights: This is a common type of Christmas light that you can use on your wreaths. They’re easy to install and can come in single and multi-color sets. They’re also weather resistant and can be installed indoors and outdoors.
  • Rope Lights with C9 LED Bulbs: This holiday lighting set is sold as an entire spool and extends around a thousand feet. They come with standard E17 intermediate sockets, but you will have to buy C9 LED bulbs, which are usually sold separately. This lighting equipment is an excellent option if you want to wrap your wreath and other decors with only one string of Christmas lights.


Preparing Your Wreaths for Display

You can recycle your old wreaths or purchase new Christmas wreaths, which can be pre-lit or standard unlit variants. Your old wreaths require dusting and trimming before they can be added to your decor. Cut off any worn sections and clear them of any dust and debris.


Next, choose the outlet you’ll use for the lights and measure its distance from where you plan to hang your Christmas wreaths. If it’s too far, you may have to use extension cords or choose a different outlet that’s much closer. Finally, prepare a pack of craft wire or twist ties to attach the string lights to the wreaths.


How To Decorate a Christmas Wreath With Lights


When you wrap your wreath with lights, do not secure the lights using tie wires or twist ties. This allows you to adjust the spacing of the lights, so they’re nice and even across the length of the wreath. Follow the steps outlined below:


  1. Roll Up the Lights

Roll up your light string into a ball to make the wrapping process much more manageable. This technique will help prevent the wires from getting tangled. While rolling up, ensure that the end of the rope lights with the plug is placed near the outlet. Doing so will help you estimate if you have sufficient wire to wrap your Christmas wreath.


  1. Wrap the Wreath

Winding the lights around the entire circle of the wreath will take some effort. Be careful not to damage any part of the wreath as you run the ball of lights through the circle of your wreath. In addition, try to space the lights evenly and ensure that every section of the wreath is wrapped. Ideally, space the lights one inch apart, but you can adjust the distance later.


Many homeowners find it easier to begin at the top of the wreath, but it also depends on where the outlet is located. If the power outlet is at the bottom of the wreath, then you should start wrapping from the bottom. Make sure that the plug and wire are run at the back of the display so they don’t ruin the design.


  1. Test the Lights

Next, hang the wreath and plug in the lights to test how it looks. Make the necessary adjustments if some lights look uneven or out of place. The goal is to space the lights evenly. Using multi-color lights, you should decide how the colored bulbs should be spread across the wreath.


  1. Fasten the Lights

When you’re satisfied with how the lights are wrapped around your Christmas wreath, fasten the lights using twist ties or craft wire. Next, fluff out the greenery to disguise the wire while keeping the lights exposed. Finally, you can add other embellishments to the wreath to add to the design and hide the wires.


  1. Hang the Wreath

Finally, hang the wreath and plug in the lights. Ensure the power cord is taut to prevent anyone from tripping over it.


Best Lighting Deals for Your Holiday Decor

Choose high-quality lights and other decorative options as you determine how to wrap a wreath with lights using various designs. At Certified Lights, we provide you with the best deals for your holiday decor. We’re the trusted provider of lighting supplies for DIY enthusiasts and commercial installers. You can reach us at 972-512-0000 or fill out our contact form, and our team will be happy to assist you.

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