How to Use Gutter Clips for Christmas Lights

by Scott Young

Christmas is right around the corner! If you haven’t decorated your home for the holidays, you may consider doing it over the next couple of weekends. It’s a great way to get in the spirit of the festive season and holiday cheer in your household and your neighborhood. 

Want to make your outdoor Christmas lights look cleaner and more professionally installed? Here’s a pro tip: using gutter clips on your gutters and shingles can keep your lights perfectly aligned while being easy to install and, after the holiday season, take apart. Here’s what you need to know about how to use gutter clips for Christmas lights. 

How to Use Gutter Clips for Christmas Lights

Here’s a process we recommend for decorating your home’s exterior for the holiday season. 

1. Estimate How Much Christmas Lights and Gutter Clips You Need

You should already have an idea of how you want your Christmas lights to be installed on your gutters, shingles, windows, doors, banisters, columns, and other outdoor places. Measuring these areas can give you a rough estimate of how many strands of Christmas lights you need. This can also help you estimate how many gutter clips to use for Christmas lights. 

Once you have a rough estimate, add 10% of that number for error. It’s easy to deal with excess strands, but finding out you have too few lights can mean having to adjust the lights you’ve already installed or having to order more lights, which can cause delays. 

2. Mount Your Gutter Clips 

Choose the appropriate gutter clips for your lights. Thereafter, you’ll need to mount them. Be sure to practice ladder and rooftop safety when installing your holiday lights. 

Some installation tips we recommend:

  • Ensure that your Christmas light sockets are compatible with the clips. These can come in different sizes, so make sure your clips can fit and carry your lights. 
  • If your gutters have gutter guards, you may need to use adhesives rather than traditional clips that can attach to your gutter. You can also try shingle clips to make the task easier. 
  • You can opt to attach the clips to your lights to install them onto your home at the same time, but you might need to make adjustments if necessary.
  • Some clips are “ladderless”, which means they can be easily installed without having to use a ladder. 

3. Position Your Lights and Extension Cords

Find your electricity source and ensure that your lights can reach it by making sure the first bulb placed is next to the male end of the strand. Connect your extension cord to the power source. Make sure your extension cord is safe to use for the outdoors.

Install the lights starting from one corner of the gutter or roof to the other end. Extend the light strand taut and then secure it with gutter clips. Make adjustments as necessary to keep the lights aligned. 

Once your lights have been installed, attach the male end to the extension cord. Make sure that the extension cord or any loose strands are tucked away. 

How Do Gutter Clips Work for Christmas Lights?

Also known as gutter hooks, these clips can attach to your gutters, shingles, and other edges outside your home where it can fit. Gutter clips cling onto the sockets of your lights and hold it in place. Because they can easily be maneuvered and adjusted, you can ensure your lights stay perfectly aligned and taut while installed onto your gutters. 

Clips come in different sizes and shapes to hold different kinds of lights. It’s important to choose the appropriate gutter clips for your light strands’ size and the type of aesthetic you want, as choosing the wrong one can affect the overall effectiveness and appearance of your lights. Some clips can also be used to hook light strands rather than keep them in straight lines.

With gutter clips, you can have an easier way to place lights around your home’s exterior without the need for installing permanent mounts around your gutters and roof shingles. These can also hold your lights in place to prevent your light strands from getting crooked because of outside elements that can affect its position. 

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