Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Certified Lights is excited to invite you to become a Certified Partner. This Partnership is completely free and comes with a variety of great benefits to help your Holiday Installation business.

  • Better than Wholesale Pricing & Service
    • Partners receive an additional discount below Wholesale customers, combined with superior customer service.
  • Quality Products
    • All products are commercial grade, high quality that go through multi-step quality assurance processes from our manufacturer. We use these same products for our own installation business.
  • Individual & Group Support
    • Have a question about a specific topic? Reach out to us via email or our Facebook page and someone will get back to you with an answer!
  • Ongoing Online Training
    • Certified will be continuously adding high quality content to our site for 24/7 access. Detailed training videos in all aspects of growing your business (field, office, sales, marketing, warehouse, etc.)
  • Ready to Use Marketing Tools
    • Certified will provide access to our marketing materials, including pictures, to help build your business. This includes processes on how to manage these marketing channels.
  • Access to Effective Processes
    • All partners will have access to our private Google Drive folder which has a variety of processes, training tools, and videos.
  • Ongoing Support via Facebook Group
    • Certified has a private Facebook group to stay up to date on the latest information regarding training, products, or special offers.
  • Access to Upcoming Webinars
    • Join Scott on all future webinars as he discusses a variety of topics that are important to your business.
  • Networking with Other Partners
    • Enjoy networking with others just like you! Great opportunity to share ideas and thoughts. We will be starting an Annual "Season Kickoff" meeting as we build out our partnership network.

Wonder what it takes to receive all of these benefits?

The only requirement to become a partner is that you agree to purchase all Christmas Light products & supplies from Certified Lights. If there are products that Certified Lights cannot supply, then you can source those products from other suppliers. There are no fees associated with the partnership!

Ready to Sign Up?

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