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Learn the Simplified Approach for Maximum Profitability & Happy Customers with our FREE Partnership Program

Why are we offering training?

We learned 15 years ago how to not only install beautiful holiday decorations, but also maximize our profits. Now, we want to help other businesses do the same.

From online training videos and thorough printable guides in our free partner section, to an extensive 3-day classroom & field training workshop, we help you and your team learn:

Streamlined Products

We will discuss the products we use, why, and how to create the best look for your customer.

Installation Best Practices

We will show you and your team how to correctly and efficiently install the most popular Christmas decorations.

How to Maximize your Profits

We will discuss marketing strategies, designing in the Certified Décor Program, how to price the jobs, and increase your revenue.

Let us show you how
Holiday Lights can
Grow your Business

If you have ever considered adding Holiday Lights to your business or are looking for ways to grow, then you've come to the right place.

My journey from $400k to $5.8MM Annual Revenue

Holiday Light Installation Simplified.

If you are hungry to grow and looking for a turn-key system to get your holiday light offer up and running easily, then you've come to the right place!

Our program was designed to achieve:

Profit Margin: 30%+

Retention Rates: 80%

Revenue/Tech/Day: $1,400+

All with a simple process we'll teach you.

If you join our FREE partnership program you'd get access to:

Thorough training
from a to z

Setting up a successful Holiday Light Installation Business is simple IF you know what products to buy, how to stay organized, how to install and market.

Our in-depth online training is unmatched in the industry to teach you just that. Scott will personally show you EXACTLY how to prepare, market, sell, run operations, install, manage customer requests and so much more. All free as part of our partner website.

Quality Products at
Discounted rates

From lights, to wreaths, to garlands and more... Our professional-grade products will beat any alternative in quality and price or we will match them!

Plus, as a partner you get access to exclusive discounts and reminders to ensure you won't forget any product at the right time of the year.

Ongoing Support via our Facebook Group

Starting a new venture always comes with lots of learning. That's why we support our partners hands-on along the way.

Our weekly Facebook Lives are your chance to get your questions answered and connect with like-minded business owners - so you get off to a fast start.

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What Our partners have to say


The thing I liked most about adding Christmas Lights to my slow season was the quick growth! We have grown approx. 30% each year since starting. Scott's training was key to getting us off to a fast start.

Another great benefit was not having to lay off my employees during our slower part of the year. Turns out, all of our employees made more during this part of the year due to increased margin and bottom line.

David Y.
Houston, TX

Do you have Questions?

Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our partnership program.

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