Product List

Having an organized product list before ordering is helpful to ensure you do not miss anything during check out.

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Not sure what the differences are between the various products and how they are used? Check out our helpful training video page Here which includes our two Product Videos. 

We have also listed the various products below and their most common uses. Keep in mind that many of these products are extremely versatile and can be used in more locations than what is listed below!

  • Filament C9 Bulb - Newest LED bulb on the market that is clear and plastic, commonly used for rooflines, window outlines, and stake outlines. This bright maintains its brightness over multiple years and closely resembles the Incandescent bulb.
  • Faceted C9 Bulb - Oldest LED bulb on the market with a diamond shatterproof exterior, commonly used in the same locations as the Filament C9 Bulb. It can yellow over time which causes the bulb to appear old and faded.
  • Mini Light - Small ball of 5MM lights on strands totally 100. Commonly used in garland, wreaths, bushes, and used to wrap trees.
  • Snowflake - Large specialty décor in snowflake form made of metal and rope lighting. Commonly used in various sizes suspended in trees, against buildings, and within hedges. Can have male/female or coaxial ends.
  • Starburst - Small specialty décor that can be easily adjusted to create a sphere due to the flexible material it is made of. Commonly used suspended in trees from various heights.
  • Wreath - Greenery collection of Wreaths come in various sizes with metal frame and thick tips to replicate a live wreath without the headaches. Commonly used with our Mini Lights strung in and installed on monuments, columns, and multiple building locations.
  • GarlandGreenery collection of Garland come in 9ft strands of 14in or 24in garland (thickness) with metal frame. Commonly used with our Mini Lights strung in and installed on monuments, around columns, and many other interior/exterior locations.
  • Premium Bow - Red structured Premium Bows with gold trim is made of nylon with thin metal frame makes it perfect for wreaths, garland, lamp posts, and various interior/exterior locations.
  • SPT-1 Wire - Most common used wiring for Christmas Lighting and is used to attach male/female plugs for consistent lighting through the season.
  • Male & Female Plugs - Male and female plugs can be installed directly onto the SPT-1 wire to make your electrical connections a breeze. Use with pliers to easily connect, secure, and light all products.
  • C9 Spool Sockets - Various size of C9 sockets on a small/medium/large spool to easily install any C9 bulb.
  • Coaxial Male Adapter - Male adapter/plug used for coaxial connections in place of a common male/female plug. Coaxial adapter create a more secure, watertight connection vs the regular male/female plugs.
  • Coaxial Cross AdapterMale adapter/plug used for coaxial connections in a cross pattern to collect up to 4 different coaxial cables, which are to be used in place of a common male/female plug. Coaxial adapter create a more secure, watertight connection vs the regular male/female plugs.
  • 3-Way Connector - Plug which has 3 female plugs in one making it easier to plug in multiple connections at one time.
  • C9 Magnet Clip - Small magnetic clip that attaches to the bottom of a C9 socket, most commonly used to connect C9s to metal locations like roofs, bridges, and more.
  • Shingle Tabs - Easy to use tabs that is placed around a C9 socket prior to installing the bulb (must attach bulb to secure shingle tab) to install directly under any roof type, except Spanish Tile Roofs.
  • Universal Gutter Clips - Clips to secure roofline lighting (C9s) to the edge of the gutter. Can also be used in place of a shingle tab use to it versatility. 
  • Universal Stakes - Hard plastic ground stakes to install C9s around flower beds, sidewalks, and driveways. C9 Socket easily slides in and remains in plastic due to the plastic clips.
  • Digital Timer - Easy programmable timer that is plugged into the main outlet for lighting wire/extension cord to plug into the bottom. Multiple pre-set options available as well as custom timing for customer's specific requests.

We hope this information is helpful. Do you have any other questions about the products? Or maybe you have a question about a product not listed here? Reach out to your Account Manager and they will be happy to answer your questions!