How to Hang a Garland on a Staircase

by Scott Young

garland hanging on on a staircase

Festive decorations that combine symbols of the season, like holly and mistletoe, with twinkling lights, are sure to put you and your household into the holiday spirit. In particular, garlands are an ideal way to spruce up fireplace mantles, dining tables and console tables. For the most impact, nothing beats a gorgeous garland trailing its way down a stair railing. 


If you're wondering how to hang a garland on a staircase, you're in the right place. In this article, we discuss how to decorate a stair railing with a premade, lighted garland and hang a garland on a staircase without a railing. 


Tips on How to Hang a Garland on a Staircase

First, you'll need to gather your supplies. A premade lighted garland is highly recommended. It will save you time compared to creating one from scratch and ensures an aesthetically pleasing, even look. 

You'll also need the following: 

  • Zip ties or clear adhesive hooks
  • Satin ribbon in your preferred color 


Premade garlands come in a wide range of designs that mimic the look of Christmas trees to better match the rest of your holiday decor. Many come with decorations built in, but you can further customize your garland with ornaments, silk flowers, plastic candy canes, acorns and other embellishments. 


How to Measure the Length of Garland You Need

You likely need more than one garland for the entire length of your stairs. To find out how many you need, measure both the length of the banister and the garland. 


How much garland you need also depends on whether you plan to swag it, weave it or loop it around the banister. Depending on your choice, you'll need an extra foot of garland for every three feet of the banister. For example, if your handrail measures 12 feet, you'll need 16 feet of garland.


How to Secure a Garland to a Staircase 

There are a few options for ensuring that your garland doesn't come off your stairway railing and garland ties or zip ties are your best bet. Zip ties are the most affordable option. They function the same way as garland ties, and once they've been tightened and the ends clipped off, they won't show.


How to Hang a Lighted Garland on Stairs: Three Easy Ways 


For a traditional look, swag your garland. To do so, secure the garland at the bottom and top posts of the stairs using zip ties, leaving the center part of the garland hanging. Make sure that the end with the battery pack and plug is near an outlet. 


Using a zip tie, secure the center part of the garland, creating two large swags on either side. Depending on your banister's length and your personal preferences, you might want to create more swags with zip types using this method. Don't forget to clip off the ends of the zip ties. To further camouflage them, consider covering them with silk ribbon or green floral tape.



This method is easy and results in a festive-looking staircase. However, keep in mind that it might restrict the use of the handrail. Secure one end of the garland to the bottom post of the banister using a zip tie. Then, loop the garland around it in a spiral, going up until you reach the top of the stairs. Secure the garland to the top post with one or more zip ties. For a clean look, you can keep the loops tight or loose for a relaxed look. 


Lay It Straight 

If you're wondering how to hang a garland on a staircase the easiest way possible, this method is for you. It's quick and easy to do, and it results in a simple, streamlined look that's perfect for modern interiors. 


To achieve it, simply lay the garland straight on top of the railing. Then, secure it firmly at both ends using zip ties. If the garland is heavy, you might need to secure it in the center as well. 


However, this method means you can't grasp the handrail when using the stairs. This option is best for stairs that are rarely used or very short.


How to Hang a Garland on a Staircase Without a Railing

You can still hang a garland on the stairs if you don't have a banister or handrail. You'll need clear hooks with adhesive backing for this method.  


First, figure out where you're going to place the hooks. Next, clean the areas gently with rubbing alcohol to ensure the hooks will stick. When the alcohol dries, apply the hooks to the spots according to the package instructions. You can then hang the garland, creating a new twist on holiday stairs decoration. 


Celebrate the Holidays With Festive Lighted Garlands 

Garlands add beauty and holiday cheer to any home. They're easy to install and take down and, with proper care, can last for many years. Certified Lights offers commercial-grade lighting at competitive prices. View our selection of garlands here and place an order today.

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