Available Training Options

Upcoming LIVE Training Dates & Locations


April 13th & 14th (Thursday & Friday) - DFW - 2 Day

June 9th & 10th (Friday & Saturday) DFW - 2 Day

August 12th (Saturday) San Antonio - 1 Day "Hands-On Installation" Only

September 1st & 2nd (Friday & Saturday) DFW - 2 Day


Certified Lights to proud to partner with Certified Lighting Pros to provide you the most up to date training for the industry.

We understand not every business is the same and needs vary. We have created multiple options to fit your time, budget, and business needs.

1. Growing Your Business - Online Training via Zoom.

      • Take your marketing, sales, hiring, and more to the next level with our 2-day online training course. **Note: LIVE ONLINE training dates for 2023 are TBD. You can sign up for our email list to be notified as dates are posted or check out our self-paced online training course. Purchase here! 

    2. Advanced Installation Training - 2 Day In-Person Training

      • Do you have the growth down but are interested in more advanced service installation techniques? Learn with the Certified team in a 2-day in-person training course. Purchase here!

    3. Full Package Training - In-Person Training in Dallas, TX. 

      • Learn it all in Dallas, TX! Join Scott via Zoom for 2 days before you head to Dallas, TX for your in-person training day. Purchase here!
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      These sessions will be packed full of information & includes "hands on" experience. The goal is for you to be ready to market, sell, install, and profit for the upcoming holiday season.


      Current Training Agenda


      • Marketing & Sales
        • Sales pricing ranges and how to bid each type of product
        • Most efficient/effective marketing channels for Christmas Lights
        • Proposal templates that can be customized to your business
        • Design software for proposal pictures
        • Maximizing your profits
      • Financial Review
        • Profit & Loss statement review
        • Key metrics to profitability
      • Employees
        • Hiring the right team
        • Production Pay: To optimize profit & increase team member pay


      • Products & Safety
        • Intro & Product Training
        • Safety on the job
      • Processes & Forms
        • Installation process & checklists
        • Take Down Process
        • Trailer set up diagram
        • Quality Assurance Inspections & Reservice Processes
        • Quality Assurance check lists
      • Warehouse & Trucks/Trailers
        • Storing Customer items (custom cut only)
        • General storage


        • Field - Full Day Hands on Training
          • Safety on the job
          • Running Electrical & Making Connections
          • How to install Rooflines (with a ladder)
          • How to install Window Outlines & Arches in 1/2 the time with special techniques
          • How to install Greenery - Garland, Wreaths, & Bows
          • How to install Roofline using a Belay Rope System
          • Installing Mini-Lights on Bushes & Trees
          • How to install Specialty Décor like Snowflakes & Light Bursts
          • Running Electrical & Making Connections
          • How to install Rooflines (with a ladder)
          • How to install Window Outlines & Arches in 1/2 the time with special techniques
          • How to install Greenery - Garland, Wreaths, & Bows
          • Trailer Organization

          Included in your fee is the following:

          • Hotel discounts available
          • One on one goal setting for sales & product orders
          • Access to Certified Christmas Light's professional photos and videos to use for your own marketing.
          • Wholesale pricing on CertifiedLights.com
          • Webinars to discuss latest products & techniques
          • Ongoing support through Facebook group discussions & Certified's help

          Spaces are limited so reserve your spot today!