Steps to Get Started


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So you're interested in starting your own Christmas Light Business but need to know where to start, how to prepare, and what timeline you should have to be successful. 

You've made the first right move... Contacting Certified to help you get going! Now let's talk about your 8-step timeline and preparation for your upcoming Holiday season.

Step 1: Create An Account

You have two account options you can create:

  1. Create a regular account Here.
Benefits of a regular account are access to our training guides (videos, forms, and processes) as well as easy-to-use account features like saving shipping addresses, credit card saving, and more.
2. Create a whole-sale account Here.
Are you a commercial company looking to reap all the benefits of a regular account while also receiving wholesale discounts? This account is for you - take advantage of all regular benefits plus tiered wholesale pricing and shipping discounts.
Once you have signed up, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will assist you with scheduling your training session and product ordering/questions.

Step 2: Visit Our Training Resources Page

Our training and resources page has a wealth of knowledge - from Christmas Light and Décor training videos to marketing ideas. 
  • Video Training 
    • Our product and installation videos give you all of the information needed to become a Certified Trained Pro. Short on time? No problem - watch them on your time!
  • Free Guides
    • Wondering why Christmas Lights is a great business to start? Or maybe you're wondering the best marketing methods? Check out our free guides to help boost your business.
  • Forms & Processes
    • Every successful company has detailed forms and processes for their teams and Christmas Lighting is no different! Download these forms and processes to streamline your business in no time!

Step 3: Join Our Next Webinar

Do you have questions about the program or something you saw on our training videos? Or maybe you're looking to gain knowledge from the Certified team themselves. Join our free, optional, webinars where we will discuss various topics and give you the chance to ask your questions! If you are unavailable that day/time, just reach out to your Account Manager and they can email you over the recording from the webinar. 

  • Reach out to find out when our next weekly webinar is!

Prefer to be trained in person by the Certified team? Looking to scale your Christmas Business quickly? Review our optional in-person training dates below. Scott and the team will train you and a guest on the in's & out's of Christmas light and décor installation. 



  • Reach out to find out when our next in-person training date is scheduled!


Contact us at to find out the next class!


Step 4: Order Products

Thanks to Certified's excellent training program, you are now a Certified Trained Pro and ready to purchase your materials for the upcoming season. You can begin your first order by clicking Here, which will take you to our main product page.

Another option is to reach out to your Account Manager and they will personally help you place your first order on the website. 

Looking to order for a couple homes or thinking you need to order an entire arsenal of products? Your Account Manager can recommend order quantities to ensure you are ready for your season.


Step 5: Marketing

You can't do installs without customers and generally, you can't get customers without marketing. Whether this is to your existing clientele or to acquire new customers. Decide the best marketing plan that fits your budget.

Not sure where to start?

Check out our helpful Marketing 101 guide Here to get started!


Step 6: Hiring/Staffing

Are you using your current employees or do you need to hire an install team? We recommend at least two people per job due to safety reasons. 

Place an ad for roofers, installers, or whatever you need on a platform that works within your budget. 

Requesting employee referrals from your current team is a quick, trust-worthy, and free way of getting the word out. We recommend using Indeed or Facebook Jobs to find your next employee!

Not sure what you should post to attract the best candidate? Check out our Hiring Ads Here under our Forms & Processes tab!


Step 7: Get Equipment Ready

This doesn't mean only products... this is everything!

  1. Trucks - Make sure your trucks are clean, organized, and in mechanically good condition.
  2. Trailers - Using a trailer this season? Make sure all of your tools are safely secured, your customer containers can easily fit, and all back-stock has been loaded. This works for trailers and our favorite, the box-truck. Here is a quick video on trailer organization.
  3. Equipment - Do you have all equipment needed to successfully and efficiently perform your jobs? Check our equipment list Here to make sure you didn't forget anything!


Step 8: Start Installing!

You are now a Certified Trained Pro with the customers, a skilled crew, high-end products, and a killer marketing plan - hit the road to start increasing your profit margins and adding revenue to your bottom line!


Questions on the information above?

Reach out to us today for help!