Why Start a Christmas Light Business?

Have you thought about starting a Christmas Light Business but aren't sure exactly why it's a great idea? Here we share our Top 4 Reasons why this is great for you.

Scott Young, President and Founder of Certified Christmas Lights, shares the reason for you in this quick video. Scroll below to get more details!

1. Growth Opportunities

Americans spend on average $6 billion dollars annually for Christmas/holiday decorations. More than 80 million homes are decorated with over 150 million strands of lights sold each year. 

There are no statistics to show that this is going to decrease. Most people love the holidays and that is no surprise when studies have shown decorating for Christmas earlier in the year brings higher moods.

This industry is recession and pandemic proof. Go into with peace of mind knowing this industry is here to stay.

2. High Margin Business

Customers are willing to spend the money for the holidays. And if you already have a current Service Business, you may be in a prime spot to see significant increases to your profit margin. If you don't have a current Service Business, that is okay too!

Most Service Businesses operate with profit margins between 10-15%, depending on current costs.

  • With a current Service Business, you can potentially look at profit margins between 25-45% when adding on Christmas Décor Installation.
  • Without a current Service Business, simply a new Start-Up, you can still potentially see profit margins between 25-30%.

With profit margins as high as these, it makes Christmas Décor Installation a no-brainer. 

3. Low Cost of Entry

If you are adding onto your current Service Business, you most likely already have some of the most important items available:

  1. Service Vehicles & Trailers
  2. Tools & Equipment

If you are a new Start-Up to Christmas Décor Installation, you can still see a low cost of entry for this industry as you don't need an entire fleet or the fanciest tools to produce a quality look at a profitable price.

Let us help by providing a list of the Required and Desired tools, equipment, and product list to help get your business going.

4. Competition is Limited

Every industry has competition and unfortunately, there is no way of getting around that. The key is to be better than the competition.

Many current competitors are not servicing the higher end customers and if so, they most likely aren't giving the customer a quality experience with quality products.

Our program helps set yourself apart from the competition. Build your business with confidence knowing you have been Certified by the professionals in Christmas Lights.

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